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Monroe Citizens Against Regulatory Excess (CARE)

What is Monroe CARE?

During the past few years, dozens of Monroe County citizens have come together to discuss the regulatory problems hampering our local economy. These discussions led to the development of The Monroe Action Plan, (The MAP, for short). The MAP offers potential solutions to the regulatory challenges our community is facing and presents a framework for how Monroe CARE will work to bring about those solutions.

Read the MAP and pledge your support!

What is Monroe CARE trying to accomplish?

Monroe County Citizens Against Regulatory Excess wants to put an end to the regulatory bottlenecks, delays, and double standards that impede our area’s sensible growth. Timely and sensible regulatory review will lead to smart growth, more jobs, and tax ratables that will help all of us live more affordably. Let’s get the regulatory system to work for us.

How do I become a member of Monroe CARE?

Monroe CARE is a committee of Pocono Mountains Industries (PMI) and membership is required at either an Individual or Corporate Level.

Become a member of PMI and Monroe CARE

When does Monroe CARE meet?

Meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of each month at 8:30 am at the Monroe County Safety Center in Snydersville, PA.