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County Commissioners Launch Internet and Cellular Survey


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Internet and cellular services throughout Monroe County are spotty at best. Service is generally good in the more populated areas, but people in some of the more rural areas have a better chance of hitting the lottery than getting a cell phone signal or internet connection. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for high quality service throughout our county. Remote instruction, working from home, attending Zoom meetings and even internet shopping require a reliable digital signal.

The first step in correcting this disparity is to determine precisely where the signals – internet and cellular- need to be improved. Previous surveys have provided useful information but the data is subjective and primarily anecdotal – e.g. “How would you rate the quality of your internet service?” More specific information is required.

We invite you to participate in a survey prepared by the Monroe County Planning Commission. You will complete the survey as one of three types of user – business, education (either a teacher or parent of a student), or regular user. The survey should be completed using the cell phone or computer that you usually use, and you should complete the survey in the location (home or office) where you usually use it. Feedback on how your device functions where you usually use it in your home or business will allow us to develop an accurate map of connection speeds throughout the county. It will take less than five minutes to complete.

We need responses from as many people as possible. Give it to your neighbors and your friends, especially if they live or work in a different area than you.

Resident Survey:              Business Survey:

-Monroe County Commissioners

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