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Good News! Gig Speeds from PenTeleData and Blue Ridge Communications

PenTeleData is proud to share that our partner, Blue Ridge Communications, recently announced the availability of gigabit Internet speeds throughout their footprint, including the service areas of Carbon County, Monroe County, Ephrata, Newberry, Duncannon, Wellsboro, Hawley, Mansfield, Tunkhannock, and Stroudsburg. This DOCSIS based service works with the coaxial-fiber cable infrastructure already in place. Gig Internet offers greater speeds and fewer slowdowns for multiple devices.
Blue Ridge Communications residential users with gig Internet can expect the ability to download a high-definition movie in seconds, real-time online gaming with less buffering and fewer lags, download about 25 songs in one second, and download a television show in under five seconds.
PenTeleData business customers can expect similar benefits, from faster payment transactions and more reliable video conferencing, to faster medical test results and telehealth services for doctors to evaluate patients from the comfort of their own homes.
PenTeleData and our partners are committed to the communities we serve. We consistently upgrade our infrastructure as to meet the demands of new services as they become available. In addition to our Internet connections, our partners offer hundreds of digital TV channels, high definition services with local news & sports programming, Video on Demand (VOD), Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Broadband Internet, digital telephone and security systems.
Our fiber optic based Next Generation Network is the way of the future. We’re planning for the next 10 – 15 years and beyond, with less signal degradation, easier performance upgrades to our network, greater speeds and more opportunities, including Quality of Service, DDoS Mitigation, Optical Wave Services, IPv6, and Layer 2 VPNs.

About PenTeleData
PenTeleData began in 1994 with the idea of providing high-speed data and Internet connectivity in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In 1995, that vision came true. Our strategic partnership between local cable and telephone companies, including Service Electric Cable TV and Communications, Service Electric Broadband Cable, Service Electric Cablevision, Ironton Telephone, and Blue Ridge Communications allowed us to become the first data and Internet service provider in the nation to offer High-Speed Broadband Internet over a cable television connection.
With nearly 10,000 miles of fiber optic cabling, over $300 million invested in fiber optic infrastructure, and 60 Points of Presence (PoPs) in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we are continuously on the cutting edge of technology. To learn more about PenTeleData, visit

About Blue Ridge Communications
Blue Ridge Communications is on the cutting edge of home entertainment and information services – providing northeastern and central Pennsylvania with a quad play of services, including digital cable, high-speed Internet access, digital phone, and Digital Home Security. To learn more about Blue Ridge Communications, visit

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