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Landscape Management features Local Landscape Company

About four years ago, Zech Strauser suggested that one of his commercial resort clients do something a little different with a large, unused green space next to its basketball courts. The project, completed by Strauser for free, turned 8,000 square feet within a 2-acre space into a sustainable plant paradise. It includes native grasses and wildflowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds, and it provides attractive displays of color from spring to fall.

“It’s absolutely beautiful,” says Strauser, president and CEO of Strauser Nature’s Helpers in East Stroudsburg, Pa. “In the first year or two, you get a lot of perennials, but as time goes on, the grass species start to take hold and they are the winning factor in the long run. The client loves it and we have since introduced more areas like this around the property.” Click here to read more…

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