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NEPIRC Innovation Workshop Series Set for Early February

Helping you generate innovative approaches for fulfilling your customers’ needs and helping you create new revenue opportunities are the goals of the Innovation Workshop Series recently announced by NEPIRC – The Northeastern Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center.

NEPIRC Industry Outreach & Program Evaluation Coordinator Nancy Markovich says the sessions will be highly interactive and results-focused, as experienced facilitators guide individuals through the identification of customer opportunities and the generation of ideas to capitalize on those opportunities. The multi-day workshop, set for February 3, 4, and 6, gives individuals time to immerse themselves in ideas, away from daily distractions.

Monday, February 3 – This session includes an overview of innovation best practices combined with hands-on exercises that incorporate fresh stimulus to spark ideas. It features a special focus on how to enable active learning from customer insights, marketplace benchmarking, technology and future mining. Ideas are defined with absolute clarity: Who is the Customer? What is their Problem?

Tuesday, February 4 – This workshop exposes individuals to new “outside in” thinking that doubles odds of success by turning sales and marketing into a customer pull system. More ideas are generated and refined for greater clarity: What benefit Promise are we making? What’s the Proof that we can deliver on the promise? More importantly, individuals are challenged to develop and select a single idea that is meaningful to potential customers and the organization. At the conclusion of the session each attendee must select an idea for development. (Homework assignment: Complete a Concept Pitch Sheet for peer Review).

Thursday, February 6 – This session includes peer-based feedback, business case development, forecasting and a threat assessment. At the conclusion of this session, individuals refine their ideas and prepare for final submittal. (Homework assignment due the following Monday: Prepare a Final Concept Pitch Sheet for Innovation Engineering professional review).

After submitting Final Concept Pitch Sheet, attendees will receive feedback from NEPIRC’s trained Innovation Engineering professionals about moving the idea forward, developing the idea for greater clarity, or stopping work on the idea.

You can register or get more information by emailing Nancy Markovich or by calling (570) 704-0003.

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