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Pocono Breaks Ground on Sewage Project

The Pocono Township Supervisors hosted a Groundbreaking Ceremony on October 29, 2008 for the first phase of the Pocono Township Sewer System.

Three individuals wear yellow hard hats in front of the ground breaking site for the Pocono Township Sewer Project

Pocono Township Supervisors, Harold Werkheiser, Jane Cilurso and John Bramley (pictured left to right), break ground along Route 611 in Swiftwater for the first phase of the Pocono Township Sewer Project.

“The Pocono Township Supervisors are pleased today to begin the first phase of the sewer project. We have been working hard to move this project forward and appreciate the assistance of everyone involved. After much negotiation, this has become a regional solution to address the need for improved infrastructure that will support our community. We greatly appreciate the help we have received from everyone,” stated Jane Cilurso, Chairperson of the Board of Supervisors.

Pocono Township will be constructing and maintaining the sewer mains along Route 611 from Pocono Township to the proposed treatment plant. The Brodhead Creek Regional Authority will be responsible for the operation of the 4.5 million gallons per day regional treatment plant but it will be owned by Pocono Township, Stroud Township and the Borough of Stroudsburg. The plant will accept sewage from the Borough of Stroudsburg, Stroud Township, Pocono Township and Hamilton Township.

The project has various funding commitments including a $10 million Health and Human Services federal grant, an EPA grant and a PA Department of Community & Economic Development PennWorks grant. A Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district was also created to generate $3.5 million for the project. The township also plans to apply for PennVEST funds.

Attending the ceremony with the supervisors were State Representative Mario Scavello; Jim Brunozzi of State Senator Mellow’s office; Monroe County Commissioner Theresa Merli; representatives of sanofi pasteur and RKR Hess Associates; Chuck Leonard and Michelle Bisbing of PMEDC; Jim Swetz, Pocono Township Solicitor; Ken Brown of the BCRA; and the contractors, Doli Construction and Leeward Construction.

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