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Azelis/Vigon New Logistics Center Celebrated by Company & Community

Azelis, a leading global innovation service provider in the specialty chemicals and food ingredients industry, announces its subsidiary Vigon International, has leased a new 130,000 square foot logistics facility to better serve the Flavor & Fragrance, Food and Nutrition markets, as well as Azelis’ broader Northeast business.
The new center supports the warehouse and logistics needs of both Vigon and Azelis’ broader customer base in theNortheast and mid-Atlantic regions enabling Azelis to reduce reliance on 3rd party logistics providers and better serveits clients. The facility is designed to support the safe and stable storage of ingredients that require special handling (i.e. refrigeration, warm area, low flash point, etc.) and provides increased capacity to custom package products according to customer requirements. The newly constructed building is equipped with 8 dock doors, increasing the distribution center’s daily shipping volume, and reducing wait times for trucks delivering or picking up products. The warehouse consolidates Vigon’s storage from three buildings into a single distribution center and provides storage space for 9,134 pallets, including locations for refrigerated, heated, and bonded storage areas. The warehouse also includes 6,000 square feet of office space to support up to 50 back office team members. The added distribution capacity will allow for the potential hiring of an additional 30 team members for the site.

Steve Pringle, Managing Director, Vigon, Flavor and Fragrance US, states:
“Vigon is renowned for our incredible customer service and unique same day delivery offering. This new facility
increases our efficiencies while continuing to offer customers customized solutions with expedited delivery options. A real game changer that will benefit our customers and principals as well.”

Vuk Milojkovic, Managing Director U.S, Azelis, comments:
“This new logistics center will enable Azelis to better serve its Northeast and mid-Atlantic US customer base. Our goal is to continuously improve customer satisfaction and meeting demand is critical for our success. The new facility goes along way in improving our efficiencies; receiving, warehousing, and shipping of our wide portfolio of specialty chemicals, ingredients, flavors, and fragrances more efficiently and more cost effectively. We reduce our reliance on third parties and multiple storage locations.”

A second warehouse measuring another 130,000 square feet at the same location is in the development and planning phase. Approval from the local township for the project has already been received. The second facility will allow for even greater growth of Azelis’ distribution capacity and logistics team. The warehouse buildings and property are owned and managed by a third-party developer, Azelis operates the distribution facilities on a long-term leased basis.

PMEDC assisted and supported the project by securing grants to extend a public water line and a natural gas line to the new building.

“We could not have accomplished this without our community partners,” stated Michelle Bisbing, PMEDC Vice President.  “The Brodhead Creek Regional Authority, Smithfield Township, the Smithfield Sewer Authority, Scannell Properties, Glace Associates and UGI Utilities all worked very hard to make it happen and these improvements will support future development and growth.  We are very proud to have Vigon here in Monroe County and look forward to continuing to work with them and Azelis on further expansion.”

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