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Quality of Life

Monroe County may be known for its luxurious resorts and family-oriented attractions, but as a home to business, it’s equally impressive. We’re home to business ranging from sophisticated software companies and traditional manufacturers to one of the nation’s largest continuously-operated vaccine and pharmaceutical operations. When you locate your business in Monroe County, you’ll have an ideal group of world-class industries as corporate neighbors.

Because Monroe County is a four season vacation destination dotted with sparkling lakes, clean streams, and gentle mountains, our residents love living here. Because we’re just across the river from New Jersey along the breathtaking Delaware Water Gap, Monroe County and “the Stroudsburgs” are a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, vacationing families, and businesses that are looking for a retreat from both hectic lifestyles and high costs.

In spring 1996, volunteers from throughout the region joined to develop a plan for Monroe County’s future, Monroe 2020. Monroe 2020’s goal is improving the quality of life in our area by implementing a plan that balances the need for jobs and economic development, improved local infrastructure, top-notch educational opportunities, and preservation of our natural environment. The plan was adopted and implemented.

The original Monroe 2020 planning program was indeed a unique process and the first of its kind for Monroe County. Many positive programs and actions such as the Municipal Partnership Program, the Financial Assistance Program and the Open Space Program are the direct result of that original planning process. The multi-municipal plans and ordinance improvements, including conservation subdivision techniques, are further successes of which the County and the municipalities can be justifiably proud.

As with any plan, the County’s Comprehensive Plan should not remain static, but should be periodically updated to reflect changing conditions and needs. Over the past few years, a Task Force of approximately 35 people worked with the Monroe County Planning Commission staff to develop the updated plan. As with the previous plan, implementation still remains a focus as well as maintaining the long term working relationships that were developed over the past 10+ years. It is for these reasons the plan has been titled: “Monroe 2030 – The Challenge Continues.”

Below please find links to the Final Draft of the Comprehensive Plan as well as a link to the Final Draft of the Economic Development Implementation Plan.

Monroe 2030 Comprehensive Plan
Monroe County EDIP Final Report