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Monroe County enjoys a traditional four-season climate including brilliant fall foliage, snow for winter activities, springtime blossoms, and summertime sun. The climate is generally moderate. However, our mountains and valleys cause regional variations in temperature and precipitation.

The Mount Pocono region, in the north-central portion of the county has a growing season averaging 136 days. The Stroudsburg area, on the county’s eastern rim, averages 155 days. Monroe County’s average altitude is 1,280 feet above sea level with the highest point on Big Pocono Mountain being 2,131 feet. Stroudsburg, the county seat, is at 430 feet and Mount Pocono is at 1,915 feet.

Temperature ranges are generally 56 to 83 degrees during the summer and 15 to 37 degrees during the winter. Annual snowfall averages are 38.6 inches in Mount Pocono and 34.8 inches in Stroudsburg.

Temperature Range

July 56 to 83 degrees F
February 15 to 37 degrees F

Growing Season

Mount Pocono 136 days
Stroudsburg 155 days

Rainfall Annual Average

Stroudsburg 47.99
Mount Pocono 52.78

Snowfall Annual Average

Stroudsburg 34.8
Mount Pocono 38