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Governor Shapiro Announces 10-Year Economic Development Strategy

Over the past year, DCED has been working hard on developing a comprehensive, 10-year economic development strategy – the first of its kind in nearly two decades.
The goals are clear – to make Pennsylvania a premier state to do business, outcompete other states, and build a stronger Commonwealth that works for all the residents, workers, businesses, and entrepreneurs that call Pennsylvania home. You can read the strategy in its entirety in the “Strategy” tab of our new business attraction website, document is more than a piece of paper on the shelf gathering dust – it’s the blueprint to ensure Pennsylvania:

  • Invests in our economic growth to compete;
  • Makes government work at the speed of business;
  • Opens doors of opportunity for all Pennsylvanians;
  • Innovates to win; and
  • Builds vibrant and resilient regions.

Developed in coordination with government partners, the private sector, the economic development community, organized labor, higher education, local governments, and the nonprofit sector, this strategy lays out concrete strategic initiatives to uplift the economy and communities in every part of our Commonwealth. But state government can’t do it alone. I hope that as you read and digest this plan, we can rely on your energy and support to help make these initiatives a reality for the people and businesses of Pennsylvania.

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