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PA Manufacturing Call to Action Portal

Our Fight Against COVID-19

The departments of Community & Economic Development, along with the departments of Health, General Services, and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, have received a deluge of inquiries and offers from Pennsylvania manufacturers and those from around the world willing to assist us in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.Â

The offers of support have been coming in at such a high rate of speed that we quickly identified the need to establish an online portal to capture these offers and assess the needs of our manufacturing community, which is facing challenges in its supply chain and workforce.  Â

Along with its strategic partners and valued members of the manufacturing community, the department developed the Pennsylvania Manufacturing Call to Action Portal. This portal is designed to engage with those who seek to develop the supplies and equipment most needed by our healthcare professionals or to re-tool their existing manufacturing lines and as they continue to fight COVID-19. This will also create a streamlined gateway for the Department to assess supply chain or workforce development needs.Â

A Pennsylvania Call to Action

With this new resource, we – as a collective team – will be better positioned to effectively and efficiently assist our manufacturing community. It is our goal to connect the manufacturer directly with a dedicated team of case managers who will thoroughly evaluate the company’s needs, seamlessly connecting them with the appropriate resource or partner organization(s) who will provide additional support.Â

Today, we are making a call to you – our valued partners. Your support and hands-on assistance as we seek to offer this service is critical and appreciated.  We are pulling together a webinar to offer more details and will be in touch with the information soon. In the meantime, please share the portal information with your constituents and area manufacturers.Â

Pennsylvania has three centuries of experience in turning sheer determination into awe-inspiring success. Our imaginative spirit removes obstacles and preconceptions, opens doors and possibilities. Together, we will meet today’s challenges.Â


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