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Monroe County has an extensive fiber-based infrastructure owned by local company PenTeleData and Frontier Communications as well as national company Verizon.

An abundance of fiber networks stretching across the region is available and providers stand ready to connect you or complete the build-out necessary to connect you.

Provider Links:

Monroe Gigabit and 5G Projects:

Local initiatives such as the Monroe 5G and Gigabit Projects are also in full swing and focus on affordable broadband options for existing organizations as well as companies looking at relocating to the Pocono Mountains region.

A growing list of companies, governments and non-profit organizations in Monroe County are rallying together for affordable Gigabit internet technology as they also seek commonsense 5G investment in its County. The Monroe 5G|Gigabit Project is being led by Accelerate Pennsylvania, a collection of companies advancing technology across Pennsylvania, that led the successful 2017 Monroe Gigabit Project. 


The 2019 Monroe 5G|Gigabit Project is specifically focused on (1) reducing broadband costs by 50%; (2) increasing Gigabit connectivity across Monroe County; (3) eliminating the number of cell service dead-spots with no service; (4) helping organizations and resorts offer WiFi hotspots where cell coverage is weak or obstructed, and, (5) positioning the County to get 5G wireless, ASAP.