Unemployment Rate

Pennsylvania’s current (October 2019) Unemployment rate is 4.0 percent (seasonally adjusted), while Monroe County’s current rate is 5.0 percent. Monroe County also has approximately 10,000 people who commute out of the county to work. A commuter is not counted as part of our local workforce until they become unemployed and file a claim for unemployment compensation.

Monroe County’s Average Unemployment Rates

Year Rate
1990 6.8%
2000 5.6%
2010 9.9%
2015 6.4%
2016 6.2%
2017 5.8%
2018 5.4%

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Unemployment Compensation Insurance

In Pennsylvania, this cost is imposed on employers who employ one or more individuals during the calendar year. The employer’s rate level is based on the first $8,000 of wages paid to each employee.

The new employer rate is only 3.7030% for non-construction employers and the rate for construction employers is 10.2626. The new employer rate is multiplied by the amount of taxable wages paid by the employer to determine the employer’s contribution liability.

The new employer rate will apply to an employer for the first 2 or 3 calendar years that the employer pays wages. After that time, the employer may have sufficient experience to receive a computed rate or will receive a standard rate. Rates change according to the employer’s Pennsylvania employment history.

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Source: PA Department of Labor and Industry

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